The AC digital clamp meter is a professional clamp meter with function of measuring AC voltage,DC voltage,AC current,Resistance,Data Hold and Continuity Buzzer with battery operated.


Conductivity meter includes using a conductivity meter to assess how a material conducts electric current, hence giving the level of conductivity. This conductivity meter enables high-precision measurement of conductivity and temperature in water solutions.

♦0 to 19.99 mS.
♦Pen type digital conductivity meter, all in one, conductivity electrode included, easy to use.
♦Water proof.
♦Build in temperature sensor, ATC (auto temperature compensation).
♦Easy to change the conductivity electrode.
♦Temperature measurement, oC, oF.
♦LCD with indicates both mS & temp.
♦Data hold function for freezing the desired value.
♦Auto power off without operation in 5 mins.
♦Microcomputer circuit, intelligent function, high accuracy.
♦Compact size, light weight.
♦Power supply by 1.5 V battery (LR44) x 4 PCs
♦Available for wide applications, such as beverage, fish hatcheries,food processing, aquarium, photography, laboratory, quality control, school & colleges, swimming pools, water conditions.


Multi-function data logger is a new instrument designed for the actual demand of various industrial site, which integrating display, processing, records, calibration, accumulate, alarm functions etc. It can be used to measure the voltage, low current (0-24mA), high current (0 ~ 600A), temperature (thermocouple), temperature (thermal resistance RTD), etc.

♦Up to 16000 data record point
♦USB port connect to PC to browse the recording data, and generation curve, export the file with TXT/excel format.
♦Maximum/minimun display and alarm function
♦Low power indication, Auto sleep and wake up function
♦Online mode log more than 16000 point
♦Receive various input signal as thermocouple, RTD, current and voltage etc.
♦Long battery life: 3 year (measure and record each 1 hour)
♦IP65 or IP40 housing
♦Magnetic mounting
♦Upper and lower alarms seting
♦Mini USB port connector
♦Power failure do not lost log data


These two Analog Multimeters are  professional instrument for measuring DC and AC voltage, DC current, Resistance and Battery test function with different Security level.




This instrument can be test 10 Base-T, EIA/TIA-568A, EIA/TIA-568B,AT&T258A and Token Ring cables.
Just connect RJ45  or BNC cable to the tester, and switch it on, it will tell you if the cable is correctly wired. If the cable is shielded, you may check the cable's integrity
It comes with a 9V battery and a nylon carrying bag.


Multifunction Voltage Continuity Tester
Safety Standards:IEC 61010-1 CAT 600V/ IEC61243-3/ IEC61010-031
Insulation Class:double insulation
Pollution Level:II


♦Checking the insulation of high-voltage electrical equipment (electric motor, transformer, and cable, etc)
♦Test Voltage from 250V to 5000V.
♦Insulation resistance up to 5TΩ
♦Short Current up to 3mA.
♦Auto Calculate PI (Polarization Index) and DAR (Dielectric absorption ratio).
♦Step-Voltage Measurement
♦Temperature measurement
♦Temperature compensation for insulation Test
♦Leakage Current measurement.
♦Data Storage function and uploading to PC by USB2.0 Interface.
♦Timer Function
♦Power Supply: LR6 Battery * 6 / rechargeable battery NI/ Charger: Input Voltage 100V to 240V,
♦Frequency 50Hz to 60 Hz, output voltage 12V DC 3A
♦Weight 2.5kg (not including Battery)
♦Size 284mm(L) * 230mm(W) * 125(H)


The MS2308 is a advanced intelligent earth resistance tester, which is used to measure grounding resistance for grounding pole connected to some conductive part of facility in the power distribution unit of power circuit or building structure, for working grounding, for safeguard grounding.The tester used for the furnish power, transformer station, it's rated AC voltage up to 500KV.



ZT550 Precious Digital Pressure Gauge is the high accurate intellectual pressure testing instrument. It provides precision pressure measurement for calibrating the general pressure gauge, precision pressure gauge, pressure transmitter, the blood pressure meter, pressure safety value and other pressure testing instruments.It mainly consists of pressure sensor and signal processing unit, is the upgrading product for precision pointer pressure gauge.


♦Measurement Range: 0~ 1000ppm
♦MAX measurement
♦Data Logging: 10 groups
♦Audible alarm when co >35ppm, and continuous beep when >200ppm
♦Auto power off: 15 minutes
♦Display backlight
♦Ambient air safety checks on residential appliances
♦HVAC service on furnaces and hot water heaters
♦Cook room gas-fired stove inspections
♦Industrial environments where the accumulation of CO is possible
♦Warming up time: 40 seconds


♦Easy to identify and pinpoint gas leaks
♦Portable and high sensitivity
♦Alarm at 10% ~ 40% Level
♦Resume original measurement state in 7~ 10 minutes in pure air
♦Gas detected: natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, butane, acetone, alcohol, ammonia, steam, carbon monoxide, gasoline, jet fuel, hydrogen solvents, lacquer thinner, naphtha
♦Warming up time: 2 minutes
♦Response time: 2 seconds


MS6906 (3 in 1 stud + NCV + Metal )
♦Applicable decorate wallboard in the home or bureaux.
♦Wooden pillar and metal stud detection.
♦Metal pipe detection.
♦AC voltage detection.
♦LCD  dynamic indication and vocality indication.
♦Fully automatic operation.
♦Warning for low battery.
♦Operation environment:0~50℃  50%RH