Tone Generator and Probe Kit NF-168R

Key Specifications / Features

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NF-168R Tone generator and Probe kit is our newest item with a big break through in the wire tracker filed. Under other common function, it owns finding the 4 core network line, 500M STP USB line and avoiding the strong anti-interfence features,especially the tested lines connect with the equipments of swithc/router/PC terminal/camera and other such different models,our machine can identity the line clearly and accuratly. It's the high-efficiency tool to the telecommunication install and technical personnel.

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Detail Infomation

♦The new Wire analyzer breaks the defect of the traditional wire tracers for the poor anti-interference and loud noise,.It's not only can avoid them but can adapt the voise by yourself,you can use the earphone and backlight when it is necessary.

Lines can be hunted directly in connection with Ethernet switch/router/PC terminal/camera such different models in startup status.

To find the 4 core network/Telephone/USB lines and other mental cables under low-voltage situation.

The Emitter can sort wire of the switch directly,so emitter instead of the receiver when connect with the switch.

With strong anti-interference of the AC and antijamming ability of the emitter.

To sequence the Network line.

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