Cable Length Tester NF-868B

Key Specifications / Features

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NF-868B type multipurpose communication cable tester & tracker has couples of circuit state testing functions including length test, cable line finding, line-to-line, crosstalk and breaking point and features fast and accurate, and thus serves as a practical tool for low voltage system installation and maintenance technicians of communication circuits and comprehensive wiring circuits. It is widely used in the fields like telephone system, computer networks and other metal lead circuits.
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Detail Infomation

♦Capable to test open circuit, short , cross connection, reverseconnection and pairing connection and broken wire positioning .
To make a accurate determination of open circuit position (left, rightor middle).
To quickly find the target wire or cable among the plenty of wires.
To perform crosstalk test on network cable for solving the potentialproblem of slow speed.
Capable to measure length of network cable, coaxial cable, telephonecable and USB cable with three method (M-S, M-R and OPEN).
To perform cable tacking on exchanger or Router with power-on.
Utomatic delay power on-off and backlight function.
Self test function shall automatically make compensation due tochange of battery level and ambient temperature.

Overall dimensions
Main tester: 185×80×32mm
Receiver:218×46×29mm  Remote identifier: 107×30×24mm
Display Dot matrix 128×64 (Effective visible area 56×40mm)
Power supply Main tester receiver: 9V compound tandem cell
Testing cable types STP/UTP 5E, 6E network , telephone , coaxial ,USB signal  
cable and common metal wires connected with alligator clips
Operating environment temperature/ humidity -10 ~ +60 / 20% ~ 70%
Testing device interface Main unit: RJ45 (M), RJ45 (S), loop interface, RJ11, BNC
connector,USB B-type interface.Remote identifier: RJ45,
 RJ11, BNC connector, USB A-type interface

Length measurement
Range: 1-1200m; Calibration precision:2% (+/-0.5m,or+/-1.5 feet);
(calibration; cable >10m) measurement precision:3% ((+/-0.5m,or +/-1.5 feet);
(AMP, CAT 5E, 6E cable material) Display unit: meter, inch, yard;

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