High Voltage Digital Insulation Tester MS5215

Key Specifications / Features

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♦Checking the insulation of high-voltage electrical equipment (electric motor, transformer, and cable, etc)
♦Test Voltage from 250V to 5000V.
♦Insulation resistance up to 5TΩ
♦Short Current up to 3mA.
♦Auto Calculate PI (Polarization Index) and DAR (Dielectric absorption ratio).
♦Step-Voltage Measurement
♦Temperature measurement
♦Temperature compensation for insulation Test
♦Leakage Current measurement.
♦Data Storage function and uploading to PC by USB2.0 Interface.
♦Timer Function
♦Power Supply: LR6 Battery * 6 / rechargeable battery NI/ Charger: Input Voltage 100V to 240V,
♦Frequency 50Hz to 60 Hz, output voltage 12V DC 3A
♦Weight 2.5kg (not including Battery)
♦Size 284mm(L) * 230mm(W) * 125(H)
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Detail Infomation

Temperature compensation 
For obtaining the insulation resistance under a temperature other than current ambient temperature. 
Converts the measured value of resistance to the insulation resistance under a reference ,temperature,.and display the result. 
Depending on the different properties of test objects, there are 10 modes of compensation. 
♦Test Voltage Range DC250V to DC5KV 
♦Voltage Set: 
    Wide adjust: 250V, 500V, 1000V, 2.5kV, 5kV 
    Fine adjust: 250V to 1kV, step 25V, 1kV to 5kV, step 100V 
♦Accuracy: 5% 
♦Step mode: 500V, 1.0kV, 1.5kV, 2.0kV, 2.5kV 
♦Test Current 1nA to 3mA
Set test voltage Test range Accuracy
250 V DC 0.01MΩ~  2.5GΩ ±(5%rdg+5dgt)
2.51GΩ~  250GΩ ±(20%rdg+10dgt)
500 V DC 0.01MΩ~  5.0GΩ ±(5%rdg+5dgt)
5.01MΩ~  500GΩ ±(20%rdg+10dgt)
1000V DC 0.01MΩ~  10GΩ ±(5%rdg+5dgt)
10.1GΩ~  500GΩ ±(20%rdg+10dgt)
501GMΩ~  999GΩ ±(20%rdg+20dgt)
2.5 KV DC 0.01MΩ~  25GΩ ±(5%rdg+5dgt)
25.1GΩ~  500GΩ ±(20%rdg+10dgt)
501GΩ~  999GΩ ±(20%rdg+20dgt)
1TΩ~  2.5TΩ  
5KV DC 0.01MΩ~  50GΩ ±(5%rdg+5dgt)
50.1GΩ~  500GΩ ±(20%rdg+10dgt)
501GΩ~  999GΩ ±(20%rdg+20dgt)
1TΩ~  5TΩ  
Leak Current
Range Measuring range Accuracy
10nA 1.00nA ~ 9.99nA ±(15%rdg+1nA)
100nA 9.0nA ~ 99.9nA ±(15%rdg+5dgt)
1000nA 100nA ~ 999nA  
10uA 0.90uA ~ 9.99uA
100uA 9.0uA ~ 99.9uA
1000uA 90uA ~ 999uA
3mA 0.90mA ~ 3.00mA
 Voltage Test    
Test mode DC voltage AC voltage
Test range ±(50V TO 1000V) 50V TO 750V (50Hz to 60Hz)
Precision error ±(5%rdg+5dgt)  
Input resistance Approx 10MΩ  
Temperature test
Measuring range Measuring precision
-10to 0.1 ±1.5
0.0to 40.0 ±1.0
40.1to 70.0 ±1.5


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