Company Profile

Mastech CompanyShenzhen Master Industrial Co.,Ltd. is the leading provider of electronic measuring instruments,one of the test instrumentation industry is well-known company is recognized high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province.

Technology innovation is the source for developing enterprise.Our Engineering R&D Center is the industry's leading design institution.Collection of a large number of high-quality corporate R&D personnel,with first-class sophisticated testing equipment,with many years of professional design,strive for customers to design innovative,high quality,safe,durable,accurate and cost-effective technology products to meet customer needs.

Another,large-scale production base is our important competitive advantage.The company occupies more than twenty thousand square meters,with 1.5 million square meters of central air conditioning system clean plant,with advanced automatic assembly debugging flow-through and flexible production lines,advanced SMT workshop,injection workshop,UL table pen test line production workshop,mold design and processing centers,and excellent facilities,measuring and testing center,excellent production environment,first-class production facilities, a huge capacity to provide a stable product supply,ensure that the company maintain industry leadership.

Mastech FactoryRich product chain,improve and upgrade is an important means to win market.MASTER to market sucessfully in many fields involving 200 kinds of products,has won widespread praise.R&D and manufacturing in strict compliance with International Electrotechnical Commission has safety standards and enviromental standards,products have received EU and CE certification,some products also received the American UL,German GS certification.

MASTER has always been a leader trusted by customers,and an annual growth rate of 30% of the lead industry.The product not only is the customer's first choice but also instruments in the international market of China famous brand.