The AC/DC digital clamp meter is an autorange professional clamp meter with 3999 counts. For measuring AC voltage,DC voltage,AC current, Resistance, Diode,Duty cycle,Temperature test and Continuity Test with battery operated.
Specification MS2101
Display  3999 Counts.
DCV 0.4/4/40/400V±0.8%,1000V±1.0%
ACV 4/40/400V ±1.0%, 700V±1.2%
DCA 400/1000A ±3.0%
ACA  400/1000A ±3.0%
Resistance 400/4K/40K/400K/4MΩ±1.0%, 40MΩ ±2.0%
CAP 4n/40n/400n/4uF ± 4.0%
Frequence 40Hz to 100KHz±2.0%
Temperature  -40℃to 750℃±1.0%
Duty cycle  0.1% to 99.9%
Diode test
Continuity test
Data hold
Power battery 6F22 (9V)×1
Size 250×99×43mm
Weight  approx. 480g

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